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Thread: Bathtub drain PVC to ABS waste stack

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    Default Bathtub drain PVC to ABS waste stack

    Hey guys,

    I've searched for this a few times and haven't found an answer.

    I'm replacing an alcove bathtub in our house and have everything pretty well figured out with one exception.

    Current tub (being removed) is drain plumbed in ABS, connecting to ABS waste pipe.

    Every kit I can find locally for a new drain for the new tub is either Brass or PVC. Can't find ABS (although I can find that on line).

    I know I can't reliably connect PVC to the ABS waste pipe with a solvent (there is a product but it sounds like it doesn't meet code and is less than a perfect solution).

    Is there a mechanical coupling option? I'm thinking run the PVC into a slip threaded ABS connection. This is a pretty typical sink p trap connection, but for a finished enclosed wall, not sure that this is reliable.


    Should I just seek out ABS drain parts and link the ABS drain to the ABS waste?

    Any thoughts and opinions are welcome.


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    Bob here you go , a picture is worth a thousand words.


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