I'm at a complete loss!!! I just relocated my washing machine from the bathroom to the kitchen (I installed a stand-up shower in the bathroom and built a cabinet in the kitchen for the washer/dryer).

I've bought two Floodsafe Stainless Steel hoses, and a set of rubber hoses (all with the L bracket connection which connects to the washing machine side (total of 3 hose sets). All of them are gushing water from the L-Bracket connection which connects to the washing machine side.

The water supply side doesn't leak at all, but the washing machine side, with the L bracket literally POURS water out of the center of the connection. The ONLY thing I can think of is that the original hose (which has a plastic connection L bracket), which also connects to a plastic fitting which is permanently fixed to the washing machine is the problem since "ALL" of the hoses I've bought are metal threads on both ends, vice the original which is metal threads on the water side of the hose, and plastic threads on the washing machine side of the hose????

Is this the problem? Can I not connect a metal threaded hose to a plastic threaded connector? As I mentioned before, this is the 3rd hose that I've installed and none of them work except the original hose that came with the washing machine (metal on one end, plastic on other end). When I reinstall the original hose, no problems at all, when I install a new hose, it pours water from the center of the L bracket metal connection!!!!!!

If this is the case, where in the HELL can I find a 6 foot hose that is plastic on one end, and metal on the other so I can install my washing machine safely without worrying about flooding the apartment below mine.

I'm at a loss guys, please help!!!