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Thread: Help with repair on Reliance 606

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    Default Help with repair on Reliance 606

    I'm trying to replace the thermocoupler on my Reliance 606 (on propane), and it just seems like it should be so easy. But this is my first time and it just seems like the thing is designed to make it much harder than it has to be. Or perhaps there is a special tool to make it easier that professional plumbers use.

    I can easily unscrew the threaded screw on the outside end of the thermocoupler that's attached to the control box, but cannot see, let alone reach the other end attached to the pilot light bracket. So I can't see whether to pull or slide it to one side, etc. And that's IF I could reach it. The other tubes that feed the gas to the pilot light are directly in front of it. I've tried using needle nose pliers and a long screwdriver to release it from the bracket to no avail. Do I need to remove something else first? Feeling 'toopid'.

    I did a search and found this old thread, but no discussion of the actual removal.


    Anyone familiar with this model that could walk me through this?
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    Not really and it is not recommended to be working on propane applainces without some professional expertise but...
    You might look around and see if removing the burner assembly is the ticket.

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    My first recommendation is for you is to get an experienced licensed plumber to do this for you...like kingsotall said the burner should be pulled out and that will require removing the other 2 lines going to the gas control valve...1 is the supply for the burner the other is the pilot tube...if this is an older unit I have seen in certain circumstances where the pilot tube will break where it curves into the burner area and you won't know it...then with propane the gas will leak out and will sit on the floor and build up until it reaches the critical stage then blow up the house...you will not be able to smell it because it is sitting on the floor, not dissipating into the air...

    Based on you not understanding how to do this job I fee you should not attempt to do it for the sake of your family...propane is a totally different animal than natural gas..
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