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Thread: Sprinkler zone not turning on

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    Default Sprinkler zone not turning on

    I have a rainbird ESP-6TM system.
    There are 6 zones and the system will work fine where it will cycle through zones 1, 2, 3 but then it wont continue to zone 4,5,6.
    There is no mechanical issue as I can manually turn on the valves for the zones 4,5,6 and they will work fine.
    There seems to be some electrical issue in the valve box for zone 3 where sometimes if I jiggle the wires a bit, the zone 4 will start and the system will cycle through fine.
    But the problem returns the next time.
    The problem seems to have started after the valve box for zone 3 started leaking.
    I would really appreciate some help in trying to DIY and fix this issue.
    I had one guy take a look and he was asking for $600 for the problem.

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    The usual way of wiring electric valve from the controller is to run individual hot wires to each valve and to link the common (ground) wire from valve to valve. I would look at the connection between valve 3 and valve 4. I suspect it has separated, probably inside a wire nut.


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