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    Default cadet 3

    Picked up a cadet 3 from plumbing sply house today.
    Had a 20 year old eljer. Like the new one it was a 12" .
    But tank sits 3" out from the wall, center of flange is 13 1/4". Looks a little odd to me but maybe just because my old one was only 1/2" from the wall.

    Would most of you leave it alone. I did check the AS web site and they have a 14" RI. And since I have 3" space with a 12" I guess I would have 2" less with a 14" RI which would give me still 1".
    Does this sound right?
    But also maybe the website is wrong but when I pull up the spec sheet it saids about the total away from wall to the front of bowl. Well it saids the
    12" RI sits 30 1/4" from wall and the 14" RI sits 32 1/4" from wall. So the 14" RI would take up more room so what the difference between the two.

    Thanks for suggestions

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    Everybody except a few Toto models use the same bowl and supply a different tank to take up the room between the wall and the tank. Some Toto models use exactly the same toilet, but use an adapter to move the toilet one way or the other to maintain the same projection into the room and distance to the wall. It doesn't work on any other toilets. They call it the Uni-Fit adapter and works on a handfull of their many toilets.
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    An elongated bowl Toto with 14" Unifit would only be 28-3/4" from the wall.

    The Cadet will set much father out.


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