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Thread: Solar water panel repair on roof

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    Default Solar water panel repair on roof Question for experts

    I posted this on the solar forum and was told to post it here
    I have a pinhole leak at one of the risers coming off the header in the silver solder joint-topside on a 4x8 panel on roof. I'm going to take off the glass clean it well with a dremel tool with a wire wheel. I have some ceramic fiber to act as a heat shield to keep the insulation from getting melted. Flux it then silver solder with my acetylene B tank prestolite torch small tip
    This is a direct water system thats been working for 30 years
    Its dry and drained down now
    I have not silver soldered in many years-what type of flux and solder???-I was ordering some from my welding store as our local plumbing wholesaler does not carry anything like this
    Any other tips would be helpful.
    This riser is in the bottom middle of the header so its not possible to cut it out
    very easy. Mark
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    Loyds #7 Flux
    Johnson Manufacturing makes it.

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    Default joint

    Use silfos, it is self fluxing on copper tubing.


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