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Thread: Tub plumbing question

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    Cool Tub plumbing question

    I have a pedestal tub that is made out of galvanized steel and sits in an oak cradle. I noticed that the tub has rusted and is leaking around the bottom drain and overflow drain. I need to remove the tub and take it to be repaired.

    Here's the question. I only have one shut-off valve for my entire house. How do I just cap off the plumbing that goes to the tub so I can leave the water in the rest of the house on while I get the tub repaired?


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    Is the tub filler installed in the tub? This wouldn't be legal today, I don't think; they are required to be above the flood plain of the vessle now. Anyways, once you remove it, remove the tub, why can't you just reinstall it hanging there? Whether it is copper or galvanized, you can buy caps, either screw them on, or solder them in place until ready to reinstall things. Post a picture, and maybe other suggestions will be evident. You'd proably want to cap the drain, but that isn't as important if the trap is left in place.
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