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Thread: Double Throw Pressure Controller Switch

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    Default Double Throw Pressure Controller Switch

    Is there such a thing as a pressure controller switch that can be grid-tied and generator tied without rewiring the darn thing? It has to be a switch that doesn't put generator power back on the grid something that you see in automatic transfer switches and double pole. I'm leaning on the idea of buying a 4 prong 220 VAC male plug that inserts into my generator and running 250 VAC rated outdoor wire within electric conduit directly to the pressure switch but the question is how once I'm there with the wire; thanks.

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    I've never heard of anything like that but I'm sure it could be done with the right electronic controller(s). Me, I'd flipe the breakers on the pump and plug in the generator plug after doing that and starting the generator. I might rig up a plug on the line from the breakers to the switch so it didn't backfeed to the panel box. But then this is all without thinking this through fully.
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    I've used these before:


    There are several different models to choose from, depending upon if indoor/outdoor is needed. They can be installed on the load side of a branch circuit breaker. I installed one at my pump house so during a power outage I could start the generator, flip the transfer switch and have water with no danger of the generator backfeeding the grid.


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