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Thread: Can I vent on the vertical stack of a toilet?

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    Question Can I vent on the vertical stack of a toilet?

    I've got very limited space to vent my toilet, post toilet, and need to fit in a sani-tee. I was hoping someone could tell me if my plan is legal. I've got a picture here:

    and the whole system here:

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    A lot wrong here buddy.
    Those santees can't be used like that. They need to be wye combos. Santee for the toilet pic can't be used either. Need wye combo.

    Wye combos will need to be at 45 degrees then 1/4" fall on vent pipe.

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    Most layouts, and yours would be easier with the toilet in the middle.
    Having a lav near the tub does not work well.
    Most modern layouts have the toilet in the center, away from the door.
    It's much easier to get into the tub that way too.
    In this layout below, the fittings are wyes below grade, with 45's added to make the complete 90.
    The vent for the toilet would be a wye tipped up a bit, with a 45 and aimed above the tub drain, so when you get to the wall, you can place a long turn 90 to go up.

    Venting for the tub is a wye with 45, or a combo since it horizontal.
    Venting for the lav is a santee, since it's verical.
    Venting for the toilet is a wye since it's horizontal.
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