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Thread: Brand new well, w/ iron filter still discolored-- help?

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    Default Brand new well, w/ iron filter still discolored-- help?

    Recently drilled new well, water is a yellow rusty color. Had well company test water - said it had high iron and small amounts of tannin?? Had iron filter put in and polyfloc feeder pump and 4 x 10 pleated sediment filter. Water is still discolored though not as severe, but unacceptable. When we first pour the water it is cloudy and slightly yellow but in time it (over night) it looks like weak tea and there is a sediment in the bottom of the glass. What now?

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    You are getting iron through the treatment equipment.

    Did the well driller sell it to you?

    What is "polyfloc" and what is it supposed to do?

    My guess is it is to prevent rust stains right? If so, it will not work when you heat the water, the iron will be released and then convert to ferric iron/rust in the water.

    What mineral is in the iron filter and how is it supposed to work with the polyfloc?

    Why the disposable cartridge filter afte an iron filter! Disposable cartridges are a very poor choice for POE (point of entry) treatment and IMO should not be used.
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