Hi all,

A couple weeks ago I went downstairs and stepped in a wet spot in the carpet. I looked up and there was a crack in the ceiling and water was dripping down no good.

Went upstairs and turned the water off to the toilet and after about 25 minutes the dripping stopped. So I pulled the toilet up and sure enough the wax ring was just about completely gone. Also noticed one of the bolts was missing. After pulling the toilet up, I saw that the bolt had broken off.

So I go to replace bolts and ring, but the bolts are molded to the drain pipe. There wasn't a flange there. Is this normal for old houses? ( house was built before 1900 supposedly )

So I bout a piece that the guy at ACE recommended, drilled holes for it, put in the new bolts, put down the wax ring, and put toilet back down. Tightened the screws down until what I thought was tight enough without breaking the toilet. Over the next few days I noticed water coming from between the toilet and floor.. I tightened the bolts to tight and broke the toilet. And the dripping started again. So with all that said here is my current situation..
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Do you think that the water getting into the floor is because the drain and floor don't line up right?
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I'm thinking maybe when I was tightening the bolt I was actually pulling everything up as well?!

Sorry for the length of this everyone, any thoughts or suggestions are extremely appreciated.

If it is an allignment issue, do you think that fluidmaster Wax Free Gasket would do the trick?