Hi, we are kinda new to wells and pumps. We have been living in this house for 4 years and have not had issues with the pump until recently.

Had a problem about 2 months ago that it was just running. Got that fixed, sorry don't remember the exact problem.

Today it started a new problem. First, It is a Simer 2815e like this -
http://www.pumpagents.com/SimerPumps/2815E.html - but older. Have no
idea of the age and know they do not last forever. We have checked the
air pressure and it is good. It is above ground. The motor housing gets very hot, almost burn you hot,and stops running though it is trying (hmmm). Did it 3 times today. When we realize we have no water, if we go out and turn off the breaker box power and let it cool for about 20 min, we can turn it
back on, bang on the housing and it will start again (it will hmm when
we turn the power on like it is trying to do something).

Is the motor burning out? Or is this another problem? Any suggestions would be very helpful.

thank you