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Thread: Leviton 6696 Anywhere Switch

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    Default Leviton 6696 Anywhere Switch

    I installed one to control the basement stair light. Since the walls are finished it would not have been easy to hardwire in a new switch at the base of the stairs, in the basement.

    However, the light will occasionally come on by itself, without anybody having touched the hardwired switch at the top of the stairs or the battery operated switch at the bottom of the stairs.

    I called Leviton and they did not have a solution other than pointing out the cause as radio interference. I have tried both A and B channels and I have also tried another switch kit (same Leviton 6996). There are no other remote switches in the house. Nearest neighbour is about fifty feet away.

    Is thare another brand of switch available that operates on a different frequency?

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    Haven't looked, but www.smarthome.com has a lot of stuff. The Insteon stuff might be less susceptible, but I do not know. Note, some of these use a signal transmitted via the powerlines, and if someone has a booster, it could travel a ways.
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    I did check out Smarthome and the Insteon products. The only wireless remote Insteon has is a six-button remote and is somewhat unsuitable to use as a ordinary switch to turn one light on and off. Also the syatem is somewhat complex, what with it needing a third component, an interface between power line transmission and wireless transmission. I was hoping for a simpler two-component system like the Anywhere switch.


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