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Thread: Any way I can do something with water pumped through sump pump?

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    Default Any way I can do something with water pumped through sump pump?


    A little background first.
    I've got a sump pump that I had pointed out to the street, but the city made me point it into a drainage easement of my backyard. (They said I was destroying the road. Ridiculous.) I'm not sure exactly what happened at that point, but my drainage easement has still water now, it may or may not have something to do with my sump pump dumping so much water into it. (There was a time where I had it pointing at a stone pit but there doesn't seem to be a way to keep it from filling up completely... we ended up with a swamp for a lawn when we tried that. Could be our clay, not sure.)

    I'm fighting about 4 different battles here:
    1.) Clay
    2.) Poor grading of the house I can't do much about
    3.) Poor grading of the drainage easement
    4.) And too much water/overactive sump pump

    My question is this -- Is there any way to do something more clever with the water that I get from the sump pump? Is there a way to water my lawn with it? Pump it into a holding tank or something? I live in Michigan so the solution would have to not freeze or break pipes in the winter. Any other thoughts or suggestions?
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    You could probably bury a cistern and pump it in there for use with a sprinkler system...you could run the overflow to your drainage easment, if it ever filled up. You really should consider making sure that the soil slopes away from the house for at least the first 6' or so. If you did that, you might slow down the flow into your sump. Also, run your gutter downspouts away from the house. Maybe also put in dry wells or run them to your cistern, if you decide to put one in. Make sure the tank doesn't leak, or you may end up pumping thatwater many times over...my unprofessional opinion.
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