I have a rental that recently had a sump act up...after some investigating, I discovered the 2 downspout drains (front of house) are tied into the sump discharge under-ground....and then they travel about 30 ft to the storm sewers under-ground. We snaked a gutter line because water was shooting up when sump turned on and it appears thee line is collapsed and or broken due to roots

SO, I am going to re-run everything avoiding the big tree in the front. My question is this: I know that I can run the sump into a 4" PVC , about 1 ft sub-grade, and drain to daylight with no risk of freezing if sloped properly. However, can I tie my downspouts into the same line? If so, wouldnt the downspout water help freeze it up faster?

MY GUESS Is that I should tie the 2 downspouts together and drain them to daylight, and run a separate 4" for the sump as a precaution...also to daylight? I guess tying into the storm sewers again would be favorable, but it would be tough because of the location vs. the tree.

Am I on the right path here?