I have my softener on order. (Thanks Gary) I am looking at my situation for the drain line. my softener must go in the cellar. It is more of a root cellar (10x20feet) than a basement. during the spring we have a higher water table and we are on the side of a hill. So one side of the cellar seeps water which is channelled into a catch basin that has 18-24 inches of water in it now. For 6-9 months of the year there is no water present. The catch basin overflows and all water is absorbed into the surrounding flooring, A mixture of concrete and soil. I do not really know where the water goes. My question is, would it be a good or bad idea to use a sump pump to pump that water into the septic system and also drain my softener into the sump and pump it into the septic? There is a 2 foot by 2 foot sump that catches the water that I could put the pump in. Or should I dig a dry well for both? OR should I leave the existing floor drainage as it is(the house is 40 years old) and just find a way to get the drain into the septic which will mean moving the backflow water up 10 feet and 25 feet laterally. I hope this makes sense.