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Thread: sweating near fiberglass tub/shower unit

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    Default sweating near fiberglass tub/shower unit

    What material should I use to protect my fiberglass tub/shower unit when sweating a new shower valve?

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    Talking heat shield

    If you havent figred it out for yourself already,

    its best to take some sort of metal and flatten it
    to put between the fttings and the fiberglass

    i think its actually best to get a large Coffe can,

    then flatten the can so you got a double walled heat sheild..

    also a piece of drywall will work pretty well as a heat shield
    if you got the room for it.

    Its also not a bad idea to keep a large spray bottle Windex near by...

    Windex makes a great fire extinguisher in time of need.

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    If you think you want to invest in it, a professional heat shield is a great thing. For only about $8, you get about a square foot of fiberglass wool backed by a thick foil. Unless you are using nuclear energy to sweat your pipes, it is quite good, and occasionally I supplement it with drywall as MasterMark has suggested. As a professional, I find that they last for many projects and as such are quite worth it.
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