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Thread: toilet that cleans the bowl the best?

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    Default toilet that cleans the bowl the best?

    I have read the various threads. For my new masterbathroom, I've narrowed my choices to the Toto Eco Drake elongated ADA compfort height or the Kohler cimarron system 6 complete system comfort height

    I want to match the color of the vanity which will be almond.

    I know the Kohler code is 47 for almond. Do you know the code for Toto?

    Next, Will the Kohler or the Toto clean the bowl better from streaks and avoid the need for brushing off the streaks and reflushing a second time?

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    I have the Cimarron and that is one miserable little toilet to keep clean, especially if you got a few people or kids. I would never buy a second one.

    I hear Toto's are the best.

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    It doesn't look like the EcoDrake is available in anything but white. If it was available, Toto's Bone (#03) would be the closest color match to Kohler Almond.

    The Gweneth (sp?) might work well for you...the double-cyclone should give a better bowl wash. http://www.totousa.com/ProductDetail...d-062850ea3ee1
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    The Bone Drake would match the Almond.
    The 1.6 gallon Drake has the color.
    Which by the way is better than the Cimarron.

    The TOTO Drake II Gwyneth 1.28 gallon would work too.

    Almost any Toto with Sanagloss is going to be better.

    Soiree with Sanagloss
    Guinevere with Sanagloss
    Drake with Sanagloss
    Ultramax with Sanagloss
    Carlyle with Sanagloss
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    Default No to Cimarron

    I bought a Kohler cimarron for my recent 2nd bath refurb. The toilet is a joke. I complained to plumbing store where I bought it & was told I was only one that ever complained. Come to find out "NOT SO" ! This piece of crap wouldn't even flush toilet paper that was to side of bowl. It had a great flow straight down the center; like Niagra Falls but nothing down sides. I finally called Kohler and pled my case. No argument what so ever. Sent me a Kohler Wellworth (my choice) @ no charge. It puts the Cimaaron to shame. Fantastic flusher ! Get any toilet; just don't get the Cimarron !

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    Ok, ok, ok.. People! Hold Your Toilet Paper Rolls!
    You havent checked the Comparison Flushes Luckly i have found some
    (one is mine )
    Toto Eco Drake {My Video}
    Cimarron Class 6 Flush
    Cimarron Class 5 Flush
    American Standard Champion 4 {My Video}...lol just for Fun

    I like the Toto though.


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