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Thread: Toto Nexus air tub question

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    Default Toto Nexus air tub question

    These tubs come as right and left model, with the air compressor and heater mounted on the designated side.

    I have an opportunity to buy a right hand model at a very good price. Unfortunately the access will need to be on the left side. I have been told that with the exception of the tub mounted switch, both the heater and compressor can be relocated from the right side to the left.

    Does anyone have any information about this? Has anyone done it previously with good result?


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    Unless it has an apron, I'm not sure it makes much difference. Right and left-hand tubs are generally which end the drain is on and, if it has a tiling flange, which side is open to the room. Often, there isn't room to move the motor from one end to the other, and otherwise, it really doesn't make much difference. One side to the other probably isn't much of an issue.
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