I am updating a bathroom from the 70s. I have changed the showerhead to a hand-helf variety, but also want to change the trim on the handle. I bought something that looked like it would work, but it does not. The original trim was a 7" diameter Moen with a knob with "crystal" center. The screwholes are 1 1/8" apart. (The Danko that I bought has wider screwholes.)

I'm switching everything to oil rubbed bronze (anything close would be fine), so that complicates it a bit. I hope I do not need to change the valve itself.

I'm planning to buy a Tasagi Japanese style tub that is designed to fit into the kind of shower stall I have, so it would be even better if I could figure out a way to lower the handle so I could reach it while seated in from the tub, but I'll settle for keeping it where it is and just getting it to match.

Thanks for your help.