HI guys;

I've made a few posts here in the electrical forum, new to the plumbing area. I hope you can help me out with a question on the drain setup for my new kitchen. Thanks much in advance.

I am doing a full gut and remodel on my kitchen. The main counter will be a U shape design, there will be a corner cabinet between main sink and the dishwasher. The dishwasher will be on a peninsula.

I have never installed a dishwasher before that was not directly connected to the sink / dishwasher.

My plan is to install a separate 1.5" PVC drain pipe to the dishwasher. My confusion is as to what the best way is to connect the dishwasher to this pipe is (normally I would connect the 1"-ish dishwasher drain hose to the spot on the disposal, is there an adapter or fitting I should use when connecting directly to PVC) , and it's venting requirements (It will be beyond 3.5' from the vent). Do I use a AAV or is no vent required? (or do I need to try and figure out how to get this into the venting system?

Thanks very much,