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Thread: basement sink pump/venting questions

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    Default basement sink pump/venting questions

    A family member has asked me to install a utility sink in her basement (1940's home).

    The main drain is about 3' off the ground at its lowest point so a pump will need to be used. There is no chance of a toilet ever being put in down there so mascerating is not required. I was thinking of using this Saniflo SaniSwift pump. Any opinions on this unit or a better one?


    The other issue is venting it. I cant really tap into the main vertical soil stack as it is too far away and kind of inaccessible (not to mention that is a bad idead from a plumbing standpoint since i would be tieing in below other fixtures). Going through the roof with a new vent would work, but will be a monumental PITA to run a 1.5" pipe from basement to roof. Air admittance valves are out of the question - it even mentions that on the Saniflo website.

    The only idea I have left is through the wall. The basement walls extend about 18" above ground level. What are the general requirements for through the wall venting (if locally permitted - I know that I will have to check my local codes, but for now I just want a general idea of what is allowed when it IS allowed).

    I am obviously welcome to any other ideas. The irony of this is that the utility sink kit costs $70 bucks. It is going to be $300-400 at least in materials to install it.
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    we have a waste pump in our basement for a utility sink, washer, and toilet which vents through the base of the house and then runs up the side to above the roof line. It's not the prettiest thing, but that's just how it is.


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