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    Another miserable day at the cottage. I spent another 5hrs playing with the pump. Where my two lines come up from the well i have two 90's. From there i had two black pipes going to the pump. I changed those two lines today to clear pipe so i couls see what was going on. When the water pressure almost reaches it's cut off point i see air in both lines. Could it be the jet and foot valve??? The one that i put on at the end of the summer wasn't new ( so i was informed by the guy today who gave it to me). I cant see me losing the water that quick when it's just from flushing a toilet ????

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    Ir means you are sucking air due to a suction leak in the plumbing or the water level in the well is at the foot valve inlet screen. You could have a split in a pipe or fitting or a leaking/loose fitting.

    You can adjust the switch cut-out setting a lb or two but any leak will probably get worse with time. A water leak can lead to a lose of prime. If the pump doesn't have a safety cut off switch, you could burn up a motor if it doesn't have a thermal overload protection.

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