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Thread: What is the best way to move a sprinkler head

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    Default What is the best way to move a sprinkler head

    I have a question about moving sprinkler heads. Simply put is it better to use a flexible tube/pipe and attach it to hard white PVC pipe, or to get fittings, and add a hard white piece of PVC pipe? I have to move these (3) sprinkler head about 15-20 feet. My thought is that the hard PVC pipe is the most durable, but the flexible pipe will allow for easier placement. Any thought on this would greatly be appreciated.

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    If it was me, and it has been...

    I'd replace the existing sprinkler riser pipe with a male-pipe-thread x barb ell. I'd run black poly from there to the new sprinkler location.

    Black poly is used all the time, it's easy to get it where yo want it, and it flexes easily to set your sprinkler height without putting stress on PVC.

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    I use hard PVC to span the distance and funny pipe to go from the PVC to the sprinkler. 25 years ago when I installed the original system, I didn't know about funny pipe or maybe it didn't even exist then??? I hard plumbed the whole system. Years later, I reworked things and added funny pipe. Now it doesn't matter if I step on a sprinkler head or even run over it. The sprinkler might push into the soil, but it doesn't break.


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