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Thread: Leaking Grohe 20.610 bathroom faucet

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    Thumbs down Leaking Grohe 20.610 bathroom faucet

    I have a leaking Grohe model 20.610 bathroom faucet. I have tried to remove the cartridge, but have been unsuccessful in unscrewing it out. The bolt does not move at all. Am I missing something?

    Also, does anyone know if I just need a new O ring or do I need a new cartridge, and if so, what is the cartridge part number? The Grohe site does not have any info on the 20.610 (too old?).

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    Talking grohe faucets

    usually they just take a whole cartrige

    I have tangled with a few and they are
    very hard to get apart.... almost like the
    cartrige is mechanically driven into the faucet...

    thought I was gonna twist the faucet off the whirlpool tub

    try some wd40 ,


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