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Thread: 10 year old well suddenly Cloudy

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    Default 10 year old well suddenly Cloudy

    My well is 10 years old and has always been perfectly clear. We had some heavy rain and 2 days later my water went cloudy. It has never done this before. If left to set in a glass the water does not clear. Stays cloudy. Beige in color.

    154 ft total depth

    110 ft of PVC case

    Submersible pump

    The guy that drilled the well looked at it today with a camera. He found no problems with the case. He says the rock has crumbled and left big vains that might be letting in surface water. I wasn't home when he came today, so I didn't get to see for myself. He raised the pump up to 95 ft.

    He gave me 3 options.

    1. Gravel fill and screen case. $1500.00
    2. Filter system. $3500.00
    3. New well at least 250 ft total with 150 ft of Galvanized case this time. $5200.00

    Any Suggestions? Should I give it some time and see if it clears up?

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