building bsmt bath, shower toilet vanity, house built 1925, sewer pipe was easy to get to but about 3' closer to toilet than i anticipated, small house cannot move anything around unfortunately, toilet has a 3" hole and is 12" out from the wall, 4" CI sewer pipe is approx 48" to the left of the toilet - if your sitting on it- and the top of it is 11" below floor, the shower is to the right of the toilet and the vanity is in front of toilet and shower approximately in between them, the sewer pipe angles toward the vanity. what i need to know is can i bring a 3" abs drain out from the toilet towards the vanity tie in the shower and vanity then change direction and tie into sewer, or should i cut out a longer section of sewer pipe route toilet through 1 fitting and shower and vanity through another. there is a floor drain by the stack and a cleanout outside the house, wow that was alot, any help would be appreciated