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Thread: Highest height on comfort height toilet

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    Default Highest height on comfort height toilet

    Looking for highest height on toilet bowl. Please don't recommend Kohler Cimarron. Biggest piece of junk Kohler ever made. They must have agreed with me as they replaced it free of charge; no questions asked after I told them it wouldn't even flush toilet paper on side of bowl. Having said all that; what are my options? BTW, Kohler replaced with a Wellworth which I love; at least as much as one can love a toilet. The boss (wife) would prefer a higher bowl.

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    Tall bowl, many are going with a Toto Drake ADA

    There is a list of toilets below on the report.

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    Default toilet

    The minimum height of a tall bowl is regulated, and I do not know of any manufacturers who exceed it.

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    You certainly will not go wrong with a Toto Drake, or with any other Toto ADA height toilet. Height of ADA toilets are all pretty much the same as this is a federal requirement.


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