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Thread: 2 yr old problem

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    Question 2 yr old problem

    Summer time is supposed to be relaxing. Well not for me!!! lol. Fot the past 3 summers i've been having trouble with my pump. I've tried everything neighbours told me to do but still have the same problem. My well is down 42 feet. When we use the water...let's say for filling up the sink, we have become prone to shut the water off when the pump kicks in or i will be out priming it all the time. When i prime it, it takes me roughly an half hour to get it working again. My pressure switch is set at 15-30 (i did that because it seems to work best). On advice from other summer cottage people i replaced the foot valve. When i did this the pipe was only dry ten feet down so i seem to have plenty of water. That did not work. Next they told me on of my pipes might have a crack in it. So i replaced both 1 1/4 and 1 inch line. Still have the same problem. Next was replacing the pressure switch. Still no change. Some times when i watch it it works great, cuts out at 30. Most times it gets to about 28 and you just see the gauge drop to zero. Then i have to prime it. When i open the primer bolt i see lots of air and bubbles. Is it time to blow up the cottage ha ha....hope you guys can help. Tired of packing up family everyday for 2hr drive to shower and head back again

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    If there are no leaks on the suction lines and/or around the pump, then the only way for air to enter would be that the well water level is dropping to the footvalve. Once that happens, the pump will pick up air and prime will be lost.

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    Default found problem

    Well thanks to pumpman i found the problem. I am running out of water !!!! Thank you very much and this is a great site !!!!!


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