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Thread: General maintenance question - main sewer line

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    Default General maintenance question - main sewer line

    We bought our house a year ago. Had sewer line inspected with video at that time and told it's ABS and in excellent shape. House built in 1950.

    What would be the suggestion about ongoing/routine maintenance? Is it advisable or necessary? Is an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure?

    We've, knock wood, had no major plumbing issues since we moved - just a couple of minor annoyances.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    About all I can advise is to keep grease out of it. It won't rot or rust and roots can't get in. Unless you put something in it that you shouldn't, it should last forever.

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    Default sewer

    I do not recommend doing anything to it until it plugs up and needs snaking. If you do it before that time, and there is anything in the line, it will be dislodged and stay there because there will not be a water surge to flush it away. When the sewer is plugged, the backed up water creates a surge when the stoppage is removed and that carries it all the way to the main line.


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