I am wondering about the best method to route the drain line attached to the temp&press relief valve in my water heater. My current heater is in the middle of the house, in a laundry closet that has no floor drain. house is on a slab. Current water heater has a 3/4 copper tube soldered to the valve and running down the side of the heater. With this setup, if the valve blows, water all over the wood floor and I am screwed.

I am considering the feasibility of running the the relief tubing into the PVC washer drain in the closet. My concern is, will the PVC drain pipe withstand the high temp of the water that would be discharged from the relief valve if it tripped? I didn't think PVC drain pipe would stand that high of temp (210 F ?) I really don't have any other solution. Any other ideas??

thanks !!!