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Thread: toto aquia vs caroma sydney

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    Default toto aquia vs caroma sydney

    for these dual flush toilets, could you comment on a performance comparison?

    my main concern is getting a clean bowl flush after BMs. specifically, i'm looking at Caroma Sydney Low Profile 270 Round Front Plus, would this low profile provide a cleaner bowl?

    last question: is there a state, city, or county rebate available for buying a dual flush toilet in seattle, wa?


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    The Caroma Sydney is a Watersense toilet.
    However Seattle Water isn't offering the rebate right now.

    The bowl is the same for both the standard and the low profile, so washdown on the bowl should be pretty similar.

    The Toto Aquia has a better bowl wash, and the Caroma has a bigger trapway. The average person doesn't need a trapway that large, but there are some medical reasons why some may.

    Caroma Sydney in the Seattle area

    Caroma Sydney with 270 bowl.
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    i'm looking for a dual flush and hope to spend between 2-300, it looks like the toto aquia is a better toilet, but how does this compare to the TOTO Eco Drake HET Watersense? i would rather spend less $ and get the eco drake, but am wondering how the two perform.

    also: can i buy either the aquia or the ecodrake directly from you, or do you have to deliver?

    last question: is the watersense rebate no longer available, because the funds ran out?




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