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Thread: Shallow water pump problems

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    Unhappy Shallow water pump problems

    I have been using a 1/2 hp mastercraft shallow well water pump for about 5 months. When I first got it, it took me a couple of days before I could finally get it to prime and bring the water into the house but when I did finally get it, it worked great. My water line coming into me trailer froze so I had to unplug my pump and steam out the line. I got it completley thawed and have been trying to prime the pump for days and it just wont catch. My well is 20ft deep and it is approximately 30 ft from the trailer. Do you think I need a bigger pump to be able to pull the water all that way? Or is somethin wrong with my pump or pressure tank? I don't know much about them.

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    Default Need more information?

    Is the pump installed at the well or at the trailer? How far is it to the water from the top of the well? What is the elevation from the well to the trailer?

    We need this information before we can make any recommendations!

    Other than that it should pump water if it did before freezing, if the pump isn't busted (from the freezing) and the lines from the well to inside the trailer aren't frozen or leaking from the freezing and the pressure switch didn't freeze.

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    the pump is hooked up in the trailer. the water is about 8 feet from ground level and the trailer is 3ft of the ground.there is about 30 ft of water line from the well to the trailer. It took alot of work the very first time to prime it and get it to work as well.

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    If there is a hump in the line you may not be able to prime it by pouring water into the pump because it will trap air in the line.
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