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Thread: Wall mounted shower heads (spa style).

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    Default Wall mounted shower heads (spa style).

    I am trying to plan out our new shower and need to ask a couple of questions. I intend on installing a 3 way diverter shower valve (Hansgrohe Thermobalance III) to include a wall shower, hand shower and a couple of those spa heads.

    1. Can the shower head and spa heads run at the same time?

    2. What is the best way to run the spa heads from the valve?

    3. Is there a specific postion within the shower that the spa heads perform the best?

    4. Does anyone have a picture of the layout or can you point me in the direction to somewhere that might help me out visually?


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    Default ThermoBalance 3 System

    Hi Andrew,

    Yes you can share the body sprays with the shower head if you connect them to the top two outlets. The bottom outlet only runs alone so use it for the hand shower.

    Normally the body sprays are on the outlet 3 and the shower head on outlet 2

    You can find the piping layout in the instruction guide for the valve. Do not use body sprays that will use more than 3 gallons per minute total. If you do, they will drop off in performance when you turn the shower head.


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