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Thread: Kenmore Dishwasher power

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    Default Kenmore Dishwasher power

    I have a Kenmore Elite Ultra Wash dishwasher model 665.13122K701 and there is no power to the control panel. I have checked the power into the dishwasher and it is 120 VAC. There is mention of a non-resettable bi-metal switch / fuse, but I am not too sure just where that is located?

    if it is as simple as replacing the fuse or switch I would prefer to do that instead of paying to have a Sears service call.

    There is a small circular device with two black wires that is suspect and again I am not sure if that is the unit. I checked and there is 120 VAC at the left hand terminal and noting at the right hand terminal.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Here is the parts lists for your model. Click on the one for the "control panel". Item # 6 in the diagram is an electronic limit switch. Is this the item you are looking at?


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    Unless you have the proper electrical test equipment and know how to use it, and have the right wiring diagram and know how to read it, you are asking for trouble messing with this. Your best bet is to call an appliance repairman before you zap yourself and/or zap the circuitry of your DW.


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