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Thread: Sandy Well "which pump"

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    Default Sandy Well "which pump"

    Just got a phone call from a person who has a 1 hp 3 wire sub. He states that he has been lifting the pump in his well for the last 20 years due to sand. He has it set at 130 feet. He explained to me at this depth he was repacing a pump basically every year. Once he installed the 1 hp pump he hasn't changed it in 12 years. Static is at 20' well produces 3 gpm. He wants to put another 1hp in because since he upgraded to the higher hp life has been good. I originally asked him why a 1 hp. Is this something that should be considered in sandy wells. If you have the extra hp are you less likely to lock up or plug pump. I would think if your pulling harder on the water column your more likely to suck in sand. Any comments welcome

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    Your correct, pulling more water would tend to lift more sand. Lifting the pump shouldn't make any difference is how much sand he is getting. The water is coming from the same place regardless where the pump is.

    He should drill a new well, but I know he doesn't want to hear that.

    Convince him that the smallest pump for the job is the best. More horsepower does not have more starting torque. The three wire does have more starting torque than the two wire motor, but the two wire Franklin has a switch that will actually kick the motor in both directions in an attempt to break the pump stack loose. The three wire does not have this ability.



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