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Thread: foul odor from new bathroom sink

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    Default foul odor from new bathroom sink

    Around two months ago, I noticed a foul odor coming from one of my new bathroom sinks. The sink is located in a double vanity just outside of the master bathroom. Six months ago I had both sinks replaced, prior to this there was no odor problem. The problem is only with one sink and the odor goes away when the water is running. About a week before I noticed the odor, both the tiolet in the master bathroom and the roof were replaced.
    I had the same plumber return to correct the problem, he cleared the drain and said if the problem was not corrected he would recommend snaking the drain or it could be a venting problem, which he said could be costly.
    I had never had this problem before, any suggestions on what the problem could be?

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    I had an odor coming from my new kitchen sink strainer.
    Is your odor a chemical smell? My is (was) and I had been having problems with the strainer making noise so I decided to have it replaced.
    When I went to Home Depot to pick one out I noticed the cheaper ones had a horrible chemical smell and a warning on the box that the product contained chemicals known to cause cancer.
    I also checked a more expensive brand, Koehler, and there was no chemical warning on the label.And.............no smell whatsoever.

    I don't know if this is what the problem is for sure but if you smell a chemical odor its probably the material used in your strainer or other parts.

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    The smell is not chemical and I had both sinks replaced (they are side by side) at the same time with the same parts and only one sink has an odor coming from it. but, thanks for replying

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    Talking try bakeing soda

    put some bakeing soda down that drain and see if ti dont
    just clear itself up

    You can also just plunge that sink to see if their
    might be a string or hair hanging in the trap that might be
    siphoning out the trap

    just do both to besure

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    Will give it a try - thank you!


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