Hi All,

Over the weekend, I noticed that our showers suddenly became very powerful. Water was leaking at the faucet in the kitchen and one sink faucet was actually harder to turn on because of the increased pressure.

I went down to the well tank thinking it was the pressure switch (I replaced this about 5 years ago). The points on the switch were all open. I cut power to the pump and pressure remained (no leak in the system) until water was used. As pressure dropped below 40, points closed (still no power to system) as if trying to fill the tank. Pressure continued to drop with use of water to nearly nothing.

I turned the power back on and the points remained closed until reading at 60- they opened as they should, but pressure continues to build in the system. I am afraid I am going to compromise my plumbing if I leave the pressure that high.

The points are not stuck in either open or closed and can be manually operated but pressure continues to build even though points are completely open and I can see daylight between all of them.

Ideas? Thanks for your help.