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Thread: Extending The Well Casing

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    If someone wants to replace a pump on their well or tank, there is no regulation in MA that keeps them from doing it. Talking with head director of the DCR, it is agreed that replacing submersible pumps, or drop pipes, should be regulated because in most cases the wells are never disinfected. A DIY pulls his pump, or drop pipe, drags the line across the lawn that is full of contaminants, re installs it, and doesn't think twice about what could now be in the water.

    But in MA, the construction of a well, altering the well casing, raising the well casing, redeveloping a well,deepening a well, well abandonment, and installing pitless adapters, are all things that require a permit by a Licensed Well Contractor.

    I do not object to a DIY doing work on their well, as long as it is within a safe boundary. As a licensed well contractor, and knowing what those safe boundaries are, i will always give my advice accordingly. Money has nothing to do with my advice and should never be when it comes to the public's health.



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    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I called a licensed well drilling company and they are going to come out a take look. BTW- I live in PA.


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