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Thread: How to Remove Bypass Door Hardware

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    Default How to Remove Bypass Door Hardware

    We just moved into a new place and have an extra room for an office. The only problem is it's a bit crowded. To open up the room a bit I want to take off the double sliding closet doors and build my desk with a shelving unit into the double closet. Easy. Except, the doors were put in with what I think is bypass door hardware. Confusing. When I went to remove them there wasn't any screws, everything is snapped and riveted.

    Is there any way to take these things off without damaging them?

    Here are pictures of the hardware:

    We may wish to put the doors back in the future and don't want to have to find new hardware.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Thank You

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    Hi Liz,
    Odd looking hardware.........

    It looks like the top picture shows the 'front door' on the left side and it still has an adjustment screw of some sort, yes?

    Usually, as you may know, the 'front' door of the pair has to come off first, by tilting the bottom out, and then lifting the roller off the top track. However, it looks like you've got a bottom roller guide as well, yes?

    The bottom ones look like they're spring loaded to keep constant tension, so there must be a way to grab them where they can be compressed and removed.

    I have no clue if I'm helping you...........but I love a mystery!



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    The white bottom guide pin slides up, then swing the door out and lift top rollers off track.

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    Default doors

    Remove the door guide on the floor then swing the front door out and lift it off, then the rear one.

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    Default This should work!

    Looks like that will do it. Should be able to get around to it this coming weekend, i'll keep ya posted how it turns out.

    Thanks : )

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    Default Woot

    It worked!

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