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Thread: Laundry tub drain vent pipe

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    Default Laundry tub drain vent pipe

    I have a laundry tub in the basement that tees into a drain and then goes thru the concrete floor. If you look upwards, it looks like the drain pipe also serves as a vent pipe too. Does that make sense? Anyway, several feet above where it tees in, there is a small hole in the vertical pipe which looks like intentionally done. I now noticed soap suds would ooze out of there and run down. The laundry tub drains fine. Any ideas? Should I plug the hole up? Sounds normal?

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    For every pipe that goes down (Waste line), there is one going up(Vent).
    The vent should go through the roof.

    That is normal.
    The vent shouldn't have a hole drilled in it.


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