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Thread: Sleeving of damaged cast iron pipe in slab

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    Default Sleeving of damaged cast iron pipe in slab

    Can any one tell me the pro's and con's of the sleeving of cast iron pipes located in the ground underneath the slab. I have a customer tha has some damaged pipes in the underneath their house near there kitchen and laundry room. I was told they should just sleeve the pipe. The homeowner says he doesn't want to patch the problem but to replace the pipes underneath the house because he might have a problem down the road in a couple of months with other areas of pipe since the house is probably 50 years old. I think these damaged lines are 2 "-21/2 "inchs and the main line is 4" pipe. is the sleeving of the pipe as good as new pipe or does this sleeve need good pipe around it for support to hold things together. If anyone can tell me the draw backs to sleeving I would appreciate it very much. I am sure it is alot cheaper to repair it with the sleeves rather that digging up the tile in the house but the homeowner says he wants a good job not a masking of it thanks Gegg

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    Talking the soen side to sleeving

    what makes this fellow happy and what is going to make his wife happy are not the same thing...

    just bring in a 100 lb jack hammer , get some chaulk and mark the floors where you have to dig

    let them be aware of the fact that you ar going to dis-imbowell their home while they are living there over the next two weeks,

    and show that to
    the little lady and I would be willing to bet that they will opt for the sleeved approach....


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