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Thread: Quieting noisy pvc drain pipes

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    Default Quieting noisy pvc drain pipes

    My pipes aren't squeaking, I would just like to reduce the normal water flow noise associated with schedule 40 PVC pipes. The walls and soffit are already open from some other work. Without replacing the PVC pipes are there any easy steps I can take to reduce the noise?

    I've seen some suggestions, but I'm looking for solutions that have really worked for others. Will filling that wall and soffit space with standard fiberglass insulation really make any difference? Another idea mentioned "sound board," but I couldn't find where to buy that. Another idea was to box the pipes in plywood and then fill with minimally expanding foam. Some companies are selling foam sounds sleeves and wrapping tape.

    I know iron pipes are supposed to be much quieter, but I'm assuming converting to iron is more than I want to spend and I worried that it would be hard to convert the horizontal section of the pipes with all the connections that winds through the soffit. The 3" pipe path begins with a 90 degree from Toilet 1, 2' straight to T from toilet #2, 45, 90, 1' straight, 3" T to 2" shower 2" pipes, drains, 2' straight, 90 down into interior wall, 8' down into concrete slab floor w/ clean out T a few feet above floor. Currently the only barrier between the soffit noise and my family room is a single sheet of drywall. The 8' pipe in the wall is also in the family room wall.

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    Just fill the void with any type of material that absorbs sounds. Egg crate style foam that the use in sound studios works well, foam pipe wrap works well too.


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