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Thread: Wax ring number?

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    Default Wax ring number?

    I have searched and searched and cannot find the answer. I know that the bowl wax number corresponds to the wax thickness. However, in what way does it correspond? Like if the wax says "No. 1" or "No. 3" or "No. 10"... which one of those is 1-1/2" thick?
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    The #1 is the "standard", #10 the thickest, and #3 in between. My guess is the #10 would be 1-1/2". You might want to go to a hardware store or plumbing shop with your tape measure. If the flange is set properly on top of the finished floor the #1 should be just fine. If the flange is recessed below the finished floor, then you will need a thicker on. By all means do not get the type with the plastic funnel. These usually present a problem, especially with a 3" flange. The waxless seal is also a good option to consider.

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    Default wax

    There are many different wax rings. Regular #1, regular with a funnel, extra thick with a funnel #10, regular with an embedded felt membrane for wall hung toilets, etc. Then add in whether you just want the ring or want it packaged with brass bolts, to give additional options. Sioux Chief has 15 different wax seals, and kits, with the funnels.
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