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Thread: solar heat for inground pool

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    Default solar heat for inground pool

    Hey guys, I've been reading your different ideas for different situations. I was wondering if anyone had some good takes on how I could raise the temp. in my pool by about 10 or 12 degrees. Now I have to strugle to get 80 degrees and I do use a solar blanket. It's an 18' x 32' inground. My pump is located inside our house (laundry room). The roof over that area is about 12' wide and 20' from the bottom edge to the top. It does have a slight pitch. I was wonder about putting a couple of solar panels on the roof but I have very little knoledge in solar heating and the different valves that may be needed. Maybe someone could shed a little light on this.My 13 grandkids would love it. Pictures or drawings would be great. I failed to mentioned that I live in Ky.

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    Best bet is to search online
    There are companies that will design the whole system
    I've used a cheap system for a few years & it does raise the temp
    I'm not sure the cost on these
    But I'd check on what the company quotes you
    Then check to see if you can buy the parts for the same $$
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    Here is a bunch of useful info on the subject.

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    Default solar heat

    Thanks, a lot of good information


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