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    I've noticed my pump coming on and off continuosly and I suspect that I have a bladder problem just from reading the posts in this forum . I've never been on a well pump before and I'm reading things on this forum as the norm being 50-30 and 60-40 . However the reading on my guage is like 20-10,that cant be good . I got alot of great sugestions to start trouble shooting my tank but is there something else here I am missing?

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    10-20 pounds would barely flow! Unless your perceived pressure is almost non-existant, then your gauge may be bad, or the pipe/fittings to it are clogged. You can buy a guage that screws onto a hose bib and double-check. If your pressure tank is shot (it is full of water) or it doesn't have the proper pressure in it, then that could also create problems. My unprofessional opinion.
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    I've noticed my pump coming on and off continuosly

    With or without water use?

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    That may be totally possible as my preasure is low but not nonexistant .M y pump runs continuosly when water is running but seems to run about every half hour.I ran accross this as my power official came to change out my hot water tankand he mentioned that he thought the bladder on my saturated as my tank was running every half hour, I was aware of it but thought nothing of it as it always did this . I started looking into this and some one mentioned to me that maybe my tank doesn't have a bladder, is this possible.My pump is a Mastercraft (Canadadian Tire model for the non Canadians) and my pump sits on the top of the tank ,manufactured this way.Since my tank is on its side. When I push the valve stem I am getting water coming out when the tank is full . Not sure if this is suppose to happen with a full tank. Anyways I have to wait till tommorrow to buy attachment for my air compressor so I can charge my tank . Hope someone gets a chance to look at this for maybe a few suggestions until then. Happy Canada day to all you Canucks.

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    Water or water vapor when checking the air pressure in a bladder type tank means the bladder is broken. In an air over water type tank, the tank is water logged and needs an air charge. You usually only have to drain that type tank and turn the pump on.

    Anytime a pump runs when water isn't being used, there is a leak somwhere. Shut off the water just past the pressure tank and if the pump runs, the leak is on the well side of the system. Probably a foot valve or check valve but it can be a fitting or hole/split in the drop pipe or a pitless adapter oring. If the pump doesn't run, then the leak or water use is on the house side and probably a toilet flapper or fill valve. Check and adjust the water level in all toilets to 1" below the fill mark or the top of the overflow tube.

    A tank never has anything to do with a pump running constantly or from time to time when no water is being used. Or you'd see the water on the floor around the tank because the tank would be leaking.

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