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Thread: Mainline Lateral Pressure Loss

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    Default Mainline Lateral Pressure Loss

    I've been doing a lot of research on the web to try and put together a proper sprinkler system in my backyard. Here is a brief background as to what I have now, I've tied in right before my pressure regulator to gain additional pressure and I have a static pressure now of 106psi. I'm going to put a regulator downstream closer to my valves to lower is to around 85psi so I don't blow my sprinklers apart.

    My delima is this. I have 1" going to meter, then 3/4" copper coming out of meter running about 20' to house where I've tied in and switch to sch40 for my sprinklers. I'd like to run 1" from where I tied it because my run to my backyard is 105'. This would give me more GPM but since I have the 20' of 3/4" from the meter to the where I can tie in is it worth putting the 1" to the backyard, or sould I just stick with 3/4".

    Thanks for your thoughts/suggestions.

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    In my area irrigation is a way of life. There are several fairly large irrigation supply companies that exist not only for agriculture but for homeowners as well. There are designers that work for these companies that will take a scale drawing for a landscape and the basic information on water supply, pressure, etc. and design a system for the homeowner at no cost...the catch is, you must agree to buy all of the pipe, valves, and heads, from them. The good new on that it even that price is usually less than the Big Box Stores and the quality is better. The general idea of what they do is to start with large diameter pipe, perhaps 2", then progressively reduce in size as the lines increase in distance. I would urge you to seek this type of assistance. Even if you have to pay a reasonable fee for the design, it will be worth it.

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    Where is your location? What is the property size? Flat ground? Is the water meter a one-inch meter?


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