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Thread: Question on Zurn PEX

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    Default Question on Zurn PEX

    I have purchased Zurn PEX from home depot. I have been reading alot of topics on this forum regarding the Class Action Suite against Zurn.

    I have not purchased any fittings as of yet, and was wouudering if the Zurn PEX itself is ok to use? And alos what fittings should I use.


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    I heard that its best to stick with the same line/fitting manufacturer. I am still deciding between pex and cpvc for my remodel, but if I go with pex, it will be Uponor.

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    I bought the zurn pex from HD should I return it and get nibco pex

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    In the research that I have done, it is the fittings that are the real concern. You want as little zinc as possible ... bronze and not brass. Speaking with Viega, they didn't have a problem with their fittings mated to uponor or other manufacturers.


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