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Thread: Catalytic and/or magnetic water contitioners/softeners

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    Default Catalytic and/or magnetic water contitioners/softeners

    I have had my well water tested and the hardness was 120 in one well and 150 in the other well. All other issues were acceptable (iron, nitrate ph, lead etc.). I searched the forum extensively and can't seem to find any information on the effectiveness or lack of effectiveness of Magnetic water conditioners or Catalytic water softeners http://www.no-salt.com/index.htm.
    While I see many posts for water softening, I wanted something that did not put salt in which would need to be removed for drinking. Also what effect does salt softened water have on septic systems, if any?

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    Save your money. They are scams!
    Funny thing about some scams though...
    The really good ones have people actually believe what they had installed is working...



    You will get less salt added to your water from a water softener that uses salt for regeneration than you get from a slice of bread.

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    Seeing your on a well the ideal set up would be a ion exchange softener to remove hardness and a RO system for drinking and cooking...the RO system will remove the salt and other things that may be in your water that you don't even know are there...most water tests are not exhaustive and only check for specific things....

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    Default salt

    Sodium is left in the water, not salt, and if you do not want to add to your sodium intake, either change to potassium chloride or install an RO drinking water system.

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    Thanks for the useful information and advice not to waste money. I guess I should have clarified though. The hardness was 150 ppm not grains per gallon. Sorry "biermech". I have already sent my information to Gary for info on a softener.

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    When water is referred to as "hard" it means that it has significant amounts of calcium and magnesium in it. When water is "hard", several negative side effects can occur. The calcium and magnesium reduces the water flow through pipes and can cause build up and clog. Hard water's reaction to soap causes.

    water softening systems


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