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Thread: Sump Pump Thumping Noise/Vibration (video)

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    Default Sump Pump Thumping Noise/Vibration (video)

    I'm having a very strange problem with my newly installed sump pump and I home someone here can maybe offer some advice.

    The pump works fine as far as removing water, but right after the pump shuts off, I get a repeating thumping noise that increases with frequency. This thing is under our master bedroom and it's driving us nuts! I am guessing I have some sort of pressure wave/fluctuation in the outlet pipe that is making the check valve flutter, but I can't think of what to do to fix it. I thought about removing the check valve but the water in the pipe fills the pit back up almost all the way when it rushes back in. It's a 1/2hp Simer pump pumping through about 70 feet of 1.5" PVC with only about 3 feet of head. It discharges to a low spot in our backyard.

    I made a video of the problem so you can hear what it's doing with captions to explain. Video is here:
    The splashing the water makes is kind of loud, but if you listen closely you can hear the thumping. From upstairs the thumping is much louder than the splashing.

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    It is the check valve flap bouncing. Once it starts it is like a coin spinning down, the noise gets faster and faster until it quits. you need a different type of check valve or a different location for the one you have.


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